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Liquid Lunch

Today was a slightly better day for my dad.  In the words of his doctor, he's getting better inch by inch.  The tube got to stay out, and with the help of some Mylanta his broth-and-apple juice lunch got to stay down.  So did his broth-and-grape juice dinner.  Bit by bit, he'll get to experience denser liquids and eventually soft foods as his stomach gets reacquainted with things other than gas and bile.

On the visitor front, he mentioned seeing someone today he hadn't seen in (a couple of?) years.  I'm still not mentioning names, but the guy dropped off a book.

Dad didn't mention whether he was reading any better -- a while ago, he got through as much of the newspaper as he could by forcing himself to, but his eyes got tired even doing that -- but he did mention he's still got the diarrhea and is still stuck in bed.  It was a short conversation, he had to try to rearrange things and get comfortable in the bed which he felt he was sinking into.  That's hard to do when you're holding a phone, although I am pleased to report it was his cell phone.  This means he's charging it, and is once again allowed to use it, another perk to being in the general population.  (It also means I can call his cell, rather than go through the nurses' station to find out whether he's in yet another new room...)

Of course, if I try and get no answer, I'll take the same route as his approach to the liquid diet -- whatever it takes.  Information, patient directory, nurses' station, hold, transfer to the wrong department or to a line that just rings endlessly, I've gone through all of it and will keep working at it through the unintelligible and the helpful both.  It's just (for today at least) nice to be able to do the speed dial and have him pick up.


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