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Age has a way of putting things into perspective.  I'm not talking about misspent youth or anything as noble as a global understanding.  I mean that those things that you'd roll your eyes at and still somehow retain (perhaps from all that time spent mocking them) start to make sense, or worse, come out of your own mouth.

'At least you have your health.'  'If you haven't got your health, you haven't got anything.'  Health can be hard to define, but its opposite -- sickness, if you believe traditional wedding vows -- is pretty straightforward.  Of course, disease can take many forms.

Take, for instance, conjunctivitis. 

My youngest has a case brought on by a sinus infection.  Treatment for that will be eye drops and antibiotics.  He should be better in a few days.

Take, for instance, Crohn's disease.

My mother has this charming malady.  She will begin a new treatment on Thursday.  This has been going on for years, and the primary goal of treatment is prolonged remission.

Take, for instance, soft tissue sarcoma.

Dad's still in the hospital.  They confirmed that the line in the neck was done right, and by 10:00pm last night had reintroduced the IV.  Today he went back on a liquid diet, after enduring an 'hour-long' 'grueling' 'ordeal' involving two phlebotomists trying to draw blood so they could test and find out (among other things I'm sure) that his white count is improving.  He was last known to be hoping for someone to take his temperature so the chilled mattress could be discontinued, but he was also hoping to be able to shave, since he was catching hair in the phone.  It was nice hearing his animated play-by-play of the Cleveland/San Antonio game (3 of the NBA Finals) as well as his reaction to the commercials (a Western Whopper will give you a moustache?).

He sends his best.  Always.

Apparently I'm the healthy one.  At least I have my health... 


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