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Two For Tea

I didn't call my father today (chatted with Mom after leaving her voicemail last night), but I didn't blog yesterday either, so I'm doubly delinquent.  Yesterday the decision was to try removing the line from his neck, letting the fungus heal, and then presumably reattaching a line.  If I'd called today, I'd know whether that was done yet or if they'd gone a different direction.

He's still on the liquid diet, but was vomiting again yesterday.  For breakfast, they gave him a (styrofoam) cup of hot water, but no tea bags.  For lunch, they fixed that by giving him a tea bag and no hot water.  For dinner, they got him another tea bag, and still no hot water.  They say tea settles the stomach, but he didn't get to find out yesterday...

He's hoping he'll be out by July.  I concur.


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