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It worked. One more excuse down the drain. At least the plumbing's clear.

For my next trick, I will see if I can integrate the MacBook as well as this lurvely desktop. That's a trick, a project, a distraction.

So, for my next non-trick, I will throw out a brief JACK-ism, and then write something about that anniversary a few days back.

Speaking of, geez, today's the 10th anniversary of my mother getting her driver's license. Way to go, Mom!

JACK this morning hurt my head (I know, you all feel so bad for me) by playing Metallica -- Enter Sandman -- followed by Lipps Inc.

Yes, Funkytown. What, you think Stars on '45 gets airplay?


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Damn you. I had JUST gotten Funkytown out of my head. ::sigh::

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