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Looks like it takes a vacation to bring me back to blogging.  I don't think I've had any major revelations or gained substantially new insights, I just "have time" to blog now that my boys are playing with Elder Boy's best friend and I am in earshot but out of their way.

The old insights hold true: I'm horrible at remaining in touch with friends and loved ones, apart from a very select few.  Just as I don't "have time" to blog, I don't "have time" to reach out with a quick phone call or even "thinking of you" email.  Is that any way to treat people you've held dear to your heart for years?  That was rhetorical.

It has taken me a while, but I have finally gotten back into participating in my own life.  It's time for me to stop being absent from others.  Maybe I'll start after I get back from this doctor's appointment ... seems I was a few years absent from my GP as well.


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