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The Pros and Cons of Fat Princess

Pro:  In its default settings, it is just about impossible to lose to the CPU.

Con:  The name.  Fat?  Come on.

Pro:  Style points.  Having a semi-droning British voice announce "We're being ganked!" is priceless.

Con:  The credits.  Playability throughout and giant chickens are cool; the "theme song" is Baby's Got Back, which is not something you want your (e.g.) four-year-old singing.

Pro:  When your four-year-old has played the credits enough to hear the song at least nine times, you'd think he'd have the lyrics down.  Instead, he has been told that it is impolite to sing in public;  we can rest safe in the knowledge that even if he would, he'd do it wrong.  "I like ... big ... boots in a can!"  Hilarity ensues.


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