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Oh, Look, an Audience!

"Write what you know," they say.  "Know your audience," they say.  I guess they mean you should write about what you know for people you know, instead of writing about what you don't know for people you don't know.  Hey, we can't all be 21st-Century journalists, I guess.

In this financial series, I'll be writing what I know, because writing what I don't know would be stupid.  Sure, that applies to writing anything else, but I wanted to put out the assurance for the audience I don't know that at least the writing would be sound.

Since I don't know my audience, I'll write for one that's well defined:  Me, 20 years ago.  I'm no good at taking my own advice now, I don't see why I should take my advice from now 20 years ago, and I'm not even that good at taking my advice from 20 years ago (some of it was good advice!).  That won't stop me from trying to lay things out as simply and clearly as I can, for a target of someone just entering the, er, adult world.  I wasn't sure where to put the air quotes on that one.

So, me, I am writing to you as if you should have done this a long time ago.  If you had maybe you'd already be a millionaire and then you'd need a new goal, like "stay a millionaire" or "go for multi-millions".

You're still reading this?  You must be one of those in the audience I don't know.  Feel free not to introduce yourself, hopefully you'll understand me at least as well as my past self and can then remain safely quiet and just as educated.  Otherwise I might have to change what I write and how I write it.  That might not be a bad thing, but I would have to put out something worth reading before I changed how it was written.  Exposition complete.


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