August 23, 2010

Return on What, Now?

Investment.  It's a big scary word that conjures images of top-hatted carpet-bagging bankers with cartoon dollar signs above their heads, and it shouldn't.  It sounds like the sort of thing that's completely out of the reach of The Common Folk, but it isn't.

I wrote this in my head a month ago and should have written it down here then.  I started thinking about investing years ago but didn't earnestly start until fifteen months ago.  Don't procrastinate this one, bucko.

There are many forms of investment, and I'm going to talk about hardly any of them here.  Instead, what I'm going to cover in these next paragraphs is the fundamental concept and the mindset you should have in approaching that concept.  I'm talking to you, me from 20 years ago, and I wish you'd have the sense to take your own advice because damnit, you do know what you're talking about.

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July 15, 2010

Net Worth

I'm sticking this in Finance.  There is a whole lot else to the world than money, and there are many other ways in which one can be rich.  I'm well aware of that, but I intend this as a financial lesson and will be approaching "net worth" from that perspective.

There are three ways to increase your net worth:

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Oh, Look, an Audience!

"Write what you know," they say.  "Know your audience," they say.  I guess they mean you should write about what you know for people you know, instead of writing about what you don't know for people you don't know.  Hey, we can't all be 21st-Century journalists, I guess.

In this financial series, I'll be writing what I know, because writing what I don't know would be stupid.  Sure, that applies to writing anything else, but I wanted to put out the assurance for the audience I don't know that at least the writing would be sound.

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I have never been fond of goals.  I don't know if it's a cause or an effect that I don't really have any goals.  I've got some nebulous aspirations that might be considered goals, but as far as concrete goals with measurable success ... nothing.

"Where do you see yourself in five years?"  I hate that question, because I haven't planned five years out.  What's the point?  Had you told me five years ago that I'd be sitting here blogging about any of this stuff I'd have laughed my ass off at you and asked if you'd considered working with the drugs.  Summer of 2005 my dad was still alive and my youngest was still in diapers, I had the job I've got now but my boss was a co-worker who'd just started the job a few months prior and we were working in Pasadena instead of Burbank.

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